What is the easies way to upload a songs file from personal computer to a internet web site.Or the very best type of file to upload?

Concern by Walt. B.: What is the easies way to upload a music file from laptop or computer to a internet internet site.Or the very best variety of file to upload?
When I consider to upload my songs from laptop or computer to my internet internet site I am tolded to use one more variety of file.I experimented with and tried but I have to be undertaking something incorrect.Remember to Aid.

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Response by nguyenj6
Who is the hosting provider and what implies are you striving to use now to upload your songs?

Usually the very best way to do it is possibly by means of FTP employing the mp3 format, but it all depends on what you are striving to do.

You can obtain an ftp customer (from obtain.com or tucows.com) and enter in the relationship details to your web site and then you can use the graphical interface to upload your files to your web site in the directory or subdirectory of your option

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